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Foto: Jens Raadal

STJERNEVASK is high energetic garagerock from Copenhagen - Denmark

Rock’ n roll, psyched, punk, surf and lots of fuzz.

Stjernevask are a fuzzbomb on stage. Great live performance, with lots of jump, screams, libertine lyric and toxic-turban tunes.

Vocal/Guitar: Madelin Wilian

Bas/ theremin: Troels Løkza

Drums: Ole Ballund 

5 out of 6 stars - "I can strongly recommend STJERNEVASK for daring to do something different and create something original. (GAFFA)

"Skt. Stefan Session" STJERNEVASK LP was nominated for this year's Gaffa Award for best Danish rock release - 21.

'PURPURPRIK' from SKT. STEFAN SESSION is a hit on an indie rock radio station in NEW  YORK.

"Performed in an atmosphere that feels like a creative and flourishing cross between Elisabeth, Sort  Sol and Thåström. 

Magnificent in all its calmness and splendor – and with sensitive sound collages of noise that lie and wait like a stinging nettle. (PAGE 33)

“-Great pictures: Shooting holes in memory with a lovegun and time are kicking seconds to pieces.  Stjernevask set VENUES ON FIRE! (POV)

STJERNEVASK has played concerts and supported artists such as SPACE-LADY, THALIA ZEDEK.

At concerts and on vinyl in DK, they are visited by the wild horns; Kristian Tangvik on tuba, and Maria  Faust on saxophone.

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